Gwynedd Valley, PA

ENGLISH COUNTRY HOUSE is built on one of five lots of roughly two acres each arranged around an open Village Green-like space. The Green is placed under permanent open space easement. The fronts of the houses face out onto the Green in informal fashion, giving the subdivision a sense of destination and community. Gardens, swimming pools and tennis courts are placed in the backs.

A studied attempt was to design the house to be sympathetic with the Owners' wish for an informal English Country house. On the first floor there are generous rooms flowing freely one to another, each articulated with period crown mouldings, paneled wainscoting, graceful stairwork painted in off whites set against select wall coverings. The natural lighting effects are stunning.

The house is surrounded by gardens, formal at the entrance and less formal in the back so as to embrace a pool and tennis court.

Entrance Hall


View from the South Lawn.

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