Keuka Lake, NY

This Victorian LAKESIDE COTTAGE AND BOATHOUSE were added to a 100 year old fishing camp on Keuka Lake near Hammondsport, NY. The camp is owned by a large family from Corning, NY as a summer retreat. They asked us to design a new year-round cottage and boathouse for ice fishing and winter sports and even for possible retirement life.

View from the dock: Original camp to the left; new cottage in the center; new boathouse to the right.

For Summertime living we designed an immense deck for a 180-degree panoramic view of the lake, connected by another deck to a new boathouse and dock. The living room projects out onto the deck to take advantage of the view. We adopted some of the simpler Victorian house forms from nearby Hammondsport and from the existing camp so that the new buildings give the appearance of having been part of the original camp complex.

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